December 7th, 2018
Dear Affiliate,

We are proud to announce that we have formed a new company, Carnal Media, which has just purchased the Gunz Blazing Network. We will also produce several of our own websites and market them in the network going forward.

Gunz Blazing is a historic network with more than two dozen websites and a solid reputation of trust with affiliates that spans more than two decades.



What makes Gunzblazing any different to the masses of other affiliate programs out there?

  1. The quality of the sites we offer you to market. Our content is 100% original and very unique. It wins awards on a global scale regularly. We're total perfectionists and the quality of our finished product is seconded to none (so people keep telling us). Our web design and functionality is highly interactive and designed to convert and retain.
  2. We are one of the only gay and shemale programs to be offering webmasters the ability to make money from DVD and paysite (both rev-share and pay-per-sign-up) sales with tracking and payments managed by the one system. Give us your traffic and we'll sell them something!
  3. We've got the best promotional tools in the biz. Take a look for yourself - no other program compares. We're constantly innovating and developing new applications which will help you to make money.

Who does your credit card processing?

Gunzblazing utilizes cascade billing to provide the highest possible conversion ratio for your traffic. The third party processors in the cascade are Epoch, CCBill, WTS (online checks/ACH), WebBilling (European). We also use our own merchant accounts.

How do you track referred surfers?

Surfers are smart these days and getting smarter. We use both IP and cookie tracking to ensure that you get paid for all traffic sent to our sites, even those with their cookie tracking disabled.

How much money can I earn?

We want you to earn as much as possible! There is no limit on the program. The more money our partners earn means the more money we make!

How do you pay your affiliates and how often?

All payments are made in US Dollars. Payments are made every two weeks by check, Paxum, ACH (for US webmasters) and wire transfers (for non-US webmasters).

Do my sales with the $25 Sling-Shot program count towards the number of sales needed to achieve $40 Per Sign Up with the Sharp-Shooter program or 60% RevShare with the Big-Gunz program?

No they don't. Your sales with the Sling-Shot program don't count towards the 10 joins needed in any 2 week payment period required to increase your Per Sign Up or RevShare payouts to $40 or 60% with the other 2 programs.

Can you provide us with content?

We can provide you with lots of content, as long as you use it to promote our sites. We believe in personalized service and will do our best to give you the tools you need.

Do you regularly produce fresh ads and webmaster content?

Gunzblazing has the most comprehensive and innovative range of tools and webmaster promotional content available. Check it out in the PROMO TOOLS section of this site.

What kind of reports and statistics do you provide?

The Gunzblazing stats and accounting package is comprehensive. It provides detailed information regarding conversion ratios, payouts and trends. It aggregates this information for each of our processors.

Why won't you accept me as a webmaster?

Because in many countries it is illegal to promote, consume or distribute porn. Also, in some other countries we have experienced very high fraud levels.