Promo tools

FLV, MPEG & Image FHGs
Dozens of new FHGs are released each week for each and every update on the sites.
Click to the Hosted Gals in action.

RSS & Syndication
Includes customisable RSS Feeds and preview modules that show upcoming paysite updates.
Click to see the following in action:
RSS Feeds
Video Ad iFrame

Trailer Player
Our customisable paysite trailer player allows you to bring our paysites videos straight to your surfers, single or auto updating.
Click to see the Trailer Player in action.

We provide literally 50+ new banners each week based on paysite updates.
Click to see our Banners in action.

iFrame Tools
Auto-Updating Banners, a Thumbnail Gallery Tool and DVD Shop Widgets are some of the great dynamic sales methods we offer.
Click to see the following in action:
Auto-Updating Banners
Thumbnail Gallery
GayDVD RSS Widget
GayDVD Shop Widget

Peel Ads
We turn the page on a new chapter in promo tool history with our hot page peel ads.
Click to see Peel Ads in action.